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U2 and K’naan performing at TCF Bank Stadium on July 23, 2011. Stand By Me. 

Some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not meant to be together.

(500) Days of Summer 

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A Change for North Minneapolis

While at this moment over 150 homes have been deemed unlivable (MPR) with over 200 people without housing- we collectively have a chance to create an amazing change. 

This change, started by a deadly tornado on Sunday, May 22, has brought citizens from across the metro area to provide whatever assistance is needed to community members. The news stories and word of mouth has been that N. MPLS is full of crime and should be left alone. Social service programs come in to help, but can sometimes instead continue the cycle of dependeness of the programs. This will no longer be the future. 

The change that is becoming apparent in all of our actions, thoughts and words is that this tornado was deserved by no one. Feelings that are being verbalized from community members across the metro are, “Wow, this could have happened to me”. No longer are we looking at N. MPLS as a separate community, but instead are recognizing that this tragedy COULD have happened to any community. 

By people coming into the community to help with basic cleanup and emergency aid, we are all finally on the same page. We have had the opportunity to walk to the streets of N. MPLS and see the multi-generational families and businesses that exist. After this cleanup is over, don’t walk away and forget about your experiences and the interactions you had.

Change the way that you talk about and interact with N. MPLS-you have been called upon to advocate for a better future. 

Just a few of my favorite gluten free friends!

Just a few of my favorite gluten free friends!